A KULDIG Easter!

"A KULDIG Easter!"

With the Easter bunny in the race against time!

The team of KULDIG wishes you a happy Easter and sunny holidays! Also this year we have prepared something for you: the KULDIG Easter mail! This year’s postcard is all about Augmented Reality. We have prepared a game for you: Help the Easter bunny in the race against time!

What is it about?

The daffodils are blooming, the sun is shining. A perfect day. If only the Easter bunny hadn’t noticed that a basket for the last house on his route is still missing. The children are already waiting full of excitement. What now?
Can you help the Easter bunny make it in time? Jump over the islands with him and collect all six pieces of the Easter Basket! Since all the islands are turning, it is difficult to always find the right way. Make sure the Easter Bunny doesn’t fall! You can stop him with the stop button if the paths don’t meet directly. Then he waits, while the island turns, for a path where he can hobble on. But not only the paths make it hard for the Easter bunny. There are many unexpected dangers lurking along the way. Be careful!
Once you have collected all the items hidden on the islands the next way leads to the dream factory. A colourful Easter basket is put together there. A hot-air balloon takes it directly to the children so that they can also celebrate a happy Easter.

How does it work?

On the back of the Easter Card and under this article you will find a QR-Code. With this code you can download the KULDIG Interactive App. Alternatively you can access with your smartphone. After the installation select the section Start game in the app. Point your smartphone at the front of the postcard, turn on the sound and bring the card to life.

No mail received? No problem!

The postman didn’t stop by your house? We have a solution for that, too. The Augmented Reality application is also possible without the postcard. The application works with all pictures that contain our KULDIG Easter bunny. Simply download the KULDIG Interactive App and scan our Easter bunny in this article or in the social media.
Try it and save Easter!

"KULDIGe Ostern"

"KULDIGe Ostern"

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